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Jal Mahal, as instated in the name, is palace amidst the infamous Man Sagar Lake. Built in the year 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh, this historical beauty made with red sandstone still remains as one of the best example of the exquisite that is Rajput architecture.

Jal Mahal is five storey palace, however, only the top floor of the palace remains above the water. The boat makers of Vrindavan then crafted traditional Rajput style wooden boats for the locals and the tourists to enjoy the beauty and architecture of Jal Mahal alongside the hundreds of migratory birds that can be seen during all seasons.

Jal Mahal is surrounded by Aravalli hills and when seen from the hills the view of Jal Mahal have left phenomenal photographers in deep gasps. While destiny does not give every person a chance to explore all the world’s creation but Jal Mahal is one of it’s creation that is worth the watch.

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