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We are coming next in Chibimart 2018 on 9th-12th November 2018. Chibimart is the universal public expo dedicated to the universe of mold extras and bijoux which creates in another idea, thorough and sound, intended to make new business openings.

Grandstand with a semiannual recurrence to find patterns and styles, a catwalk which presents particular highlights, for example, unique inventiveness, care in the creation of showed things and culmination of the offer.

Chibimart changes and pursues advertise advancement refreshing its recipe to offer life to an inventive and unique presentation design.

Chibimart is a preview of market free market activity. It features the patterns and which items offer. It permits the affiliate who wouldn’t like to hold up quite a while to get items to make ‘money and-convey’ buys, and it is a not-to-be-botched chance for the individuals who make gems and bijoux because of the extensive variety of semi-completed items, little parts and stones… It is, the vast majority of every one of the, a challenge to reflect and take the correct bearing for one’s the same old thing

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